Terracotta - Wonder for Interior Designers

Terracotta is an unmatchable material with high flexibility. You can use it in really versatile way right from the flooring tiles, wall tiles, ceiling tiles and many other materials.

Please visit Terracotta Crafts Page to see some of the artifact you can use to decorate the houses.

Some other places you can use terracotta is as the wall painting, costem designers like the wall crafts can also be done.

Wall Designes Using Terracotta
Terracotta Crafts on walls, Designed with the wall tiles and colored ceramics

Clay Roof Top - Koombu          Clay Koombu          Terracotta Koombu
This is used at the top epitome of the roof. The smaller ones can be used at the height points in the roofs. Or you can use the smaller ones in some area and the bigger one at the center top.

Terracotta Table Leg
This is a terracotta table stand. Normally Used for the dining table and with the glass over it. There are various technical in which the terracota can be mab made use.


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