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The above shown is some of the product and the usage. While a house is being constructed the aesthetic beauty and the interior temperature management is few of factors to be considered.

  • It is proved that usage of terracotta products over the roof has increases the thermal insulation of the building.
  • Usage of weathering tiles in RCC considerably increases the life and a good leak proofing technique

Concrete using terra cotta blocks

This is a development based on the researches in the area of civil engineering to reduce the usage of concrete in the RCC. The advantages of using this method is

  • Cost Effective
  • Thermal Insulation
  • Weight reduction as there is hollow space
  • Speedy Construction

Pre Casted Terracotta Blocks
Pre Casted Terracotta Blocks

This construction is based on the pre casted terracotta blocks fixing directly to the lintels which is also pre casted and concreting over this.

Fixing Of Ceiling Tiles

  • While fixing terracotta ceiling tiles to improve the beauty of your interior and for thermal insulation, care must be taken to do it during concreting so that it will be properly

Leak Proofing

We have the simplest technical remedy to stop the leakage of R.C.C roof or any other roof including Stone slab roof. It is very economical, eco- friendly and easy to lay. This is the most effective insulator against extreme climatic condition. Leak Proofing Read...

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