Terracotta Tiles & Clay Products

Coimbatore Tile Company is retail and wholesale supplier of terracota products such as weathering tiles, decorative tiles, ceiling tiles, wall tiles, floor tiles, wirecut bricks, partition blocks etc. Being a member of network which is having an experience of more than a decade in marketing and supply of terracotta products all over India, with bases different location in Tamil Naadu, we know the various requirements of the corporate as well as individual customers.

We deal with : Terracotta Tiles, Weathering Tiles, Decorative tiles, Manglore Tiles, Slpit Tiles, Wire Cut Bricks, Roofing Tiles, Floor Tiles, Jallys etc...

The reason, clay or terracotta roof tiles enjoy such popularity is because of the product itself. Clay roof tiles have been around for centuries and have proven their durability.

Weathering tiles are used in all modern age buildings because of its incomparable capacity to defend the heat. And being natural , right from the production to the usage it is eco friend

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Concrete using terra cotta blocks

Terra cotta roofing is an emerging trend in the construction industry. Usage of the terra cotta Hollow Blocks and Hollow channel blocks reduces the cost and will give economical benefits,heat proofing,reduced dead weight and a simple and rapid construction which saves the construction time. Read More...

Is your house leaking?

We have the simplest technical remedy to stop the leakage of R.C.C roof or any other roof including Stone slab roof. It is very economical, eco- friendly and easy to lay. This is the most effective insulator against extreme climatic condition . Due to the heat in the day time the slab will expand and cooling in the night will lead to contraction causing many cracks initially on the ordinary cement roof slab. Once the crack widens the water will enter inside the RCC slab and start wetting inner surface which will lead the falling of water in droplets. The iron bars will start corroding causing increase in volume, consequently enlarging of cracks will cause more leakage of roof. If not checked in the time strength of the building will deteriorate considerably split tiles are an excellent remedy to prevent leakage. Read More...